Kevin Nickolai



Kevin Nickolai writes stuff and sometimes does artsy stuff, but mostly just likes to travel around and take selfies.  Nickolai is the published illustrator for poet Ralph Wright on the WILD book series (“Wild” (2007), “Wilder” (2011) , and “Wildest” (2013).  Nickolai used pastel, charcoal, marker, pencil, pen, and paint to create his illustrations of 100 iconic animals. In 2011 Nickolai wrote and acted in the sketch show “Learn English or I’ll Fucking Kill You” – In 2015 Nickolai wrote, directed, and acted in “42” a series of poems and skits and bits of essay concerning the number 42.  In 2016 Nickolai authored “My Head” for which he provided 50 playful black-and-white illustrations.  In 2017 he wrote and produced the play “Men Are From Marzipan” – a neurological theatrical.   He often collaborates with his wife, Monica Nickolai and Wil Pertz, and acted in her work “Gumiho” and“Twelfth Night”

Kevin Nickolai has tromped across the Great Wall of China, slept on the shores of Loch Ness, snorkeled with loggerheads and blowfish in Jamaica, explored the temple ruins of Angkor Wat, perched on the edge of the Infinity Room, climbed to the peak of the formidable Mount Seorak, bamboo rafted in Chaing-Mai, snowboarded Pyeongchang’s double black diamonds, electioneered in Edinburgh, mastered cliff diving in Wales, crawled to the depths of Santorini’s volcanic craters, devoured active octopi in Seoul, nuzzled tame deer under the moonlit Kasuaga shrine in Nara, blitzed through Hoàn Kiếm Lake’s motorcycle gauntlet, befriended wild baboons in Siam Reap, interned for the British Government within the halls of Parliament, teetered on the impossible fringes of Taroko Gorge, crossed the Path of God at Olango Island, conquered the eternal stairway of the Batu Caves, thundered through Sentosa’s Dragon Trail Luge, and plunged off Thailand’s highest bungee jump platform at Patong Beach in Phuket.

Kevin Nickolai is a hunter and a thief.  He believes in the power of the self-destruction of the individual soul and scrabbles with shadowy comrades for the ruin of humankind.  He creates art through the sabotage of the establishment and vows to break all laws – be they archaic or just – laid by man or the framework of the universe.  He works across a variety of medium to unlock the horrors that forbid restful sleep.  He knows what you did.  Absurd.  It is self-love.  A sticky quill.   A stained parchment.  What did you expect?  It is too late now.

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