Chetan Kaur 

Chetan Kaur was born in the beautiful state of Punjab in India. She received her PhD in Horticulture from Chungnam National University, Daejeon, Korea. 

Her interest in art arose from her childhood, which started while learning to draw a peacock from her grandfather Sardar Jaswant Singh Aman, who is also an incredible artist. On the other hand, she started falling in love with science, specifically genetics and how environment triggers responses in organisms. It was a tough decision to pursue either science or art professionally, because of her core belief that both these fields balance each other leading to a holism. Now, she is a self-taught artist, and has successful career in the field of biotechnology.

Her art is inspired from her experiences in life portraying how she sees things and feels about it. Human emotions, life and death and a philosophy of balance in all things have been her recent inspirations for artwork. She believes that her art evolves as she learns and unlearns about life. Her art is a mix of watercolors, gouache, acrylics and more recently, oil pastels and digital illustrations. She also makes jewelry and is learning pottery.

Besides painting, she likes photography and cycling. Exploring new places and creating drives her spirit. With her work, she wants to touch people’s lives and inspire them to CREATE!

Chetan Kaur is currently a Postdoctoral researcher in Chungnam National University, her specialization being bioinformatics and genomic data analysis.


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