James Sacha and Alicia Pitts Exhibition

@ Gallery D.A.C. March28 – April 1st.

Opening Event March 28th, 7-9 pm.

Alicia Pitts and James Sacha will explore natural textures and patterns in the world through an exhibition of photography and painting.
Pitts is a documentary and travel photographer. She studied photography at the University of Montevallo. Sacha’s work is inspired by graffiti art and is made with spray paint and layers of hand-cut stencils. He received his BA degree in English from Grand Valley State University. They are both world travelers and co-founding members of Gallery DAC.
Alicia Pitts 와 James Sacha 는 사진과 그림 전시를 통해 자연의 질감과 패턴을 조명(照明) 해 볼 예정입니다.

Pitts는 다큐멘터리와 여행 사진작가이며  University of Montevallo에서 사진학을 공부했습니다. Sacha는 스프레이 페인트와 여러겹의 스텐실로 만들어진 그래피티 아트에서 영감을 받았으며 Grand Valley State University에서 영문학을 공부했습니다.