Goodbye, Gallery D.A.C.

On Saturday, May 30th, at approximately 9:00 p.m. (KST), Gallery D.A.C. passed from the physical world into incorporeity.

Gallery D.A.C.’s time upon the physical world was all too brief. Opened in November 2014, Gallery D.A.C. existed for seven months, during that time twenty-three events were hosted by members of the co-operated artist space.

In addition to the group and solo exhibits showcasing works by the supporting members, the Gallery D.A.C. welcomed a selection of guest artists to exhibit including those from the neighbouring studio titled: Reason For Space; curator Yu Hyun Ju’s presentation of Korean artists and speakers in a themed exhibition and seminar platform, and Salt Gallery (Gwangju) director/musician Johan Ahn who performed and collaborated within the space.  As well, Gallery D.A.C. hosted several workshops and the final event, – Night of a 1000 Drawings – an open drawing event.

We will all fondly recall our hours sipping coffee at The Palette, and we are all grateful to the owners Jin Seok Beom and Yu Gyeong Ok for their collaboration in transforming a portion of their space into a gallery.  In addition, we would like to thank those who came to our events, and of course the press who discovered and featured our space on the internet, in print, and on the radio.  We hope our work and commitment to art and the Daejeon community meant as much to you, our supporters, as it did to us.

Special thanks to Hae Ri Jeon for her role as administrative support, and to our Korean guest artists: Kwon Young Sung, Kim In, Lee Sung Hee, Kim Soon Sun, Lee Yong Je, Park Neung Saeng, Lee Sang Kyu, Kwon Jae Han, No Jong Nam, and Lee Gil Hee .

Thank you to all of our supporters and everyone who attended the events!

Perhaps in the future, members of Gallery D.A.C. will be able to invest in a new space but for now, we must say our good-bye’s. We must continue our mission to share our creative vision in another place.

잘 가요.

Gallery DAC, you are gone, but your legacy remains.

In the words of author Donald Barthelme:

The war is temporary.  But art and chocolate go on forever.

Gallery DAC was an artistic collaboration and experiment operated by fourteen artists living and working in Daejeon:

Venus Lukic, Director and Newsletter Editor

Monica Nickolai, Director’s assistant

Rosalie Knaack, PR Manager and President of the Daejeon Arts Collective

James Knaack, Treasurer

Haesook Kim, Translator and artist liaison

Suné Horn, Web Coordinator

Hank Haddock, Renovation Manager and Interior Redesigner

Rika Scholtz, Workshop Artist and Promotional Material Designer

Christopher Maslon, Workshop artist

Alla Ponomareva, Workshop artist, Event coordinator

James Sacha, Logo and Promotional Material Designer

Alicia Pitts, Promotional Material Designer

Eibhlín Ní Fhallamháin, Secretary

Deborah Fallon, Charity manager