Memento Mori, Memento Vivere

October 31 – November 6 @ Parking Gallery.

Memento Mori, Memento Vivere is a reflection on death and the importance of living life to the fullest. Memento Mori, Memento Vivere means: remember you will die, remember to live. Throughout history, the skull has been the unifying symbol of death in cultures around the world. Sometimes playful, sometimes terrifying, it has been used to threaten and instill fear, but also to inspire thoughtfulness, longing, mourning, and even joy.

Rosalie Knaack has made a study of the skull, how it has been used as a symbol and a tool over thousands of years across continents and cultures. This exhibition is Rosalie’s interpretation of this international death symbol, as well as her own expression of grief with the recent loss of family members, and an encouragement to viewers to embrace life and find joy and wonder every day without fear of death. Experience the beauty and playfulness that can be found in the skull in this, her first solo exhibition.

Location: Parking Gallery 대전 중구 대흥동 460-1

Dates: 10.31-11.6.