Featured Artist: Kensuke Ueno

Kensuke Ueno was born in Tokyo in 1981.

He graduated from the Yokohama College of Art and Design Figurative School (now Yokohama College of Art and Design) in 2004.

Concept and Process

Kensuke uses printmaking techniques such as dry point and intaglio to express his ideas as directly as possible. The main reason for using these techniques is that he is able to interact directly with the plate or surface, thereby transferring his emotions and thoughts to the medium as they are born.

The same thought/memory/moment can be expressed from various angles and perspectives, and it thereby changes with each interrogation.

The power of the moment is a theme he has returned to again and again in his work.

You can see his work here:

Kensuke Ueno Solo Exhibition in Daejeon Korea
2015.11.16 – 11.25
쌍리 갤러리(Ssangri gallery)
Address : 249-2 Daeheung-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Tel : +82 42-253-8118

Contact him:

website (Japanese)

email: u.ken0198@gmail.com