Night of a 1000 Drawings

We, the Daejeon Arts Collective & 갤러리 Gallery DAC invite anyone to start doodling/collaging/painting anything, with anything, on anything. You Don’t need to be an artist to take part. Just come express yourself for a few hours.
This will be the final event at Gallery D.A.C as it will be closing at the end of May, so come say goodbye to the gallery in style!

* Admission is free.
* Bring your own stuff to doodle with and on. (don’t fret – we will have some materials if you forget)
* There will be drinks, snacks and live music.

How the night will run:
18:00 – 18:15 : instructions and introductions
18:15 – 21:00 : doodle away, pin-up, walk about and admire people’s work, purchase doodles/drawings you really really like.

All drawings will sell for 10,000 Won.

50% of the money raised will go towards the venue cost and the other 50% will go towards charity.