Reggie Hart

Canadian artist Reggie Hart has been living in Korea for over 15 years and in Daejeon for about one year. In the spring of 2005, acting on a lifetime of desire and artistic compulsion, Hart picked up a paintbrush and immediately became maniacal, fanatical: frantically scattering colors, forming shapes, and painting almost every day. Hurried, hungry, and insatiable, his obsession haunts his dreams and occupies every waking moment. His work is known for the repetition of color and shape. The sharp lines contrasting with soft, subdued transitions. An element of obligation, a false order, an absence of the chaotic and the imposition of the human, stand in stark contrast to the pastoral underpinnings that have become the main elements of his work. Acrylic, plastic, shiny, and fixed: these are his children, his soldiers, and his poetry. Writer, singer, painter and poet, Hart says,“Art continues to redefine me.”