Ceramic Classes in English by DJAC member Jeong Jin

People come to Korea from other countries to change their lives. For the most part, they’re curious and interested in Korea’s culture, and art classes are a great way to learn, pass the time, or prepare for deeper studies into the fields of art and design. Korea has a long history of creating graceful ceramics, so learning ceramics can connect artists to the culture of Korea.

DJAC member Jeong Jin offers classes in English in Daejeon at Doye Noriteo, a ceramics studio with wheels and a kiln. The translation means “ceramics playground.”

ceramics studio

The name suits the activities that take place. Ms. Jeong teaches all levels–from beginner to advanced, from children to adults. She also has parent-child classes available.

Currently, she has two classes available for adults. The times are Tuesday and Thursday from 10-12 a.m. and Tuesday and Thursday from 5:30-7:30 at night. She can open new classes in cases of high demand. Her schedule will be fuller starting in March, so now is a good time to contact her to set up a class. The cost is 100,000 a month plus 15,000 for 1 kg of clay. Other specialized materials, such as glazes and porcelain, are also available at reasonable prices.

Jeong Jin profile

She received her master’s degree in ceramics from Gongju National University. She has been working at the studio for four years and frequently exhibits with the Daejeon Arts Collective. She also has an upcoming solo exhibition at the Seo-gu Cultural Center in Daejeon beginning on March 13th.

You can contact her by phone or email to sign up for classes. Her phone number is 010-6486-3436 and her email is jjjinjuho@naver.com

The studio is easy to find, a short distance from Sun Hospital, near the Daejeon Office of Immigration. If you are standing between these two places, walk one block toward Lotteria. At the glass store, turn right. It is one block down the street, past the three-way intersection.


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