Wendy Morison

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Wendy Morison


Wendy Morison is a South African illustrator and mosaic artist who is venturing into the realm of fine art. She works in a variety of media, including acrylic, watercolour, printing, graphite and colour pencil, and carbon (from burnt artworks).  Her work is strongly inspired by nature and her love for the natural environment. Exposure to Buddhist philosophy, while working in South Korea, has led to increased interest in the concepts of transience and non-attachment. Her artwork, titled “Transience 1”, reveals the process of letting go and impermanence as something which has its own beauty. Though her work is still illustrative in nature she has become more preoccupied with visual sensations of texture, colour, contrast, shape and form.

Wendy was an art educator for a decade and has illustrated numerous, predominantly educational, books. She has participated in several group exhibitions at the art college where she taught.


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