Wil Pertz


Wil is a freelance American composer currently residing and performing in Daejeon, South Korea. His music seeks to push the limits of expectation by mixing elements of tradition in classical music with current forms of technology. Much of his music falls into the category of ‘moment form’ and tends to blur the line between departure and arrival that is so common in musics of the past. In this way, the music may be considered to be a journey in time and space, where each moment of the journey is undifferentiated from the previous or next moment.

Much of his work draws upon his love of intricate mathematical systems coupled with a contrasting fascination for Improvisation, theater and elements of chaos.

His music has been awarded performances in Europe, throughout the United States and Asia, including recent performances with the DJAC; Daejeon, Korea – Singapore Saxophone Symposium; Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore – and Echofluxx International Film Festival Prague, Czechia.

Wil received his Phd in Music Composition from the University of Michigan in 2011. Before that he studied both Bass Performance and Music Composition at the University of South Florida where he received a double Masters degree.


the Drink of the Wise #21 & 22 Opium Utopia/Tessellation (with a bit of #1 Time and Space)



Bathe is an aleatoric piece with improvised conductor that uses only extended techniques for Saxophone. It was composed on August 12, 2017 while workshopping a different piece with Keuris Quartet at the Singapore Saxophone Symposium. This recording took place 2 days later at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Special thanks to Micheal Timpson, Chihchun Lee, Zechariah Goh and Ivan Solano for their input and guidance, and Evgeni Novikov, Vitaly Vatulya , Michal Grycko and Juan Manuel of the Keuris Quartet.

Shot at Yellowstone Park

the Drink of the Wise #25 Origins- #26 Shape Shift pt.1

Twelfth Night

the Drink of the Wise #11 & 12 Eclat/Xylem Cortex


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