A.C. Parsons

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      A.C. Parsons is originally from California. He has been living in South Korea since the early 2000s. He is a self-taught photographer, who grew up dreaming of capturing the world through his lens. He is from a humble bicultural upbringing, and has only just begun to discover the beauty that a camera can help one to capture. Recently, he has used the power of the sun to create cyanotype prints of his photographs. He appreciates the uniqueness that city life provides, and values the ecological environment as well. His work explores the aesthetics of the both the natural and man-made worlds. He draws inspiration from the elements of the city and those who live in it, as well as from the wildlife that lives in the mountains and parks around the city. The goals of his work is to show the world the inherent beauty that can be seen in everyday life, as well as inspire people to save the Earth and the wildlife the thrives in it.
He has participated in over 20 exhibitions since 2014. He has contributed his photos to Groove Magazine, SemiZine, and Culture Shock Korea. As a social media reporter for Daejeon City, he developed an interest in finding new and interesting places for taking photographs. He strongly believes in experimenting with new techniques, which can be easily seen by the variety of works in his portfolio.

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