DJAC Spring 2023

Join us for the Daejeon Art Collective Spring Show 2023, held at the Junggu Culture Center from May 5-9, 10am-6pm. The show features a diverse range of artworks from talented artists, and admission is free for all.

Come celebrate the opening night at our gallery party on Saturday, May 6, from 6pm-9pm. Enjoy cheese and light refreshments as you peruse the beautiful works on display.

Don’t miss the chance to see Reggie Hart’s stunning acrylic on canvas painting, Christopher Maslon’s thought-provoking mixed media art, James Knaack’s intricate ceramic work, Benjamin Moffit’s captivating photographic series on payphones, Morgo’s kyut and silly out-of-this-world video art, and AC Parsons’ dynamic street trekking photos.

In addition to the artwork, Wil Pertz will provide live music with video art, and Kevin Nickolai will present a book of illustrated poetry that will simply take your breath away.

More surprises are coming your way from canvasman Terry Chun, the terrific Taehee, the brilliant brain of Boon, the handsome headed Hank Haddock, and the radioactive Rosalie Knaack. How radioactive? Mind-blowingly.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or just looking for a fun way to spend a day, the Daejeon Art Collective Spring Show is an event not to be missed. See you there!

5월5일-9일10시- 18시, 오프닝파티5월6일토요일18시- 21시
May 5-9 10am-6pm, opening reception Saturday May 6, 6pm-9pm

대전중구문화원 대전중구대로 109

DaejeonJung -gu Culture Center DaejeonJung -gu Daeheung -ro109

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