Introducing DJACreate

It’s been almost one year since we hosted the Night of a 1000 Drawings as Gallery D.A.C’s swan song. The event was a huge success with people spilling out onto the side-walk, drawing, making music, and having a great time. And yet, we hadn’t really hosted anything like it since. The lack of a decent venue to replace the cosy gallery is part of the reason for this – Gallery D.A.C has left a void that’s hard to fill (sad face). The big biannual group shows are great, but it doesn’t really allow people to relax and make their own art – there are hardly ever any seat available!

You’ll be glad to hear that the mourning period is officially over. The need to socialise with members of the art community and events hosted by other groups like Daejeon Drink and Draw have inspired us to host more drawing events in the future. Leela Bear has already hosted DJACreate events on behalf of the Daejeon Arts Collective, with more scheduled in the weeks to come. Keep an eye on our facebook page if you want to join one of the DJACreate events in the future.