Spring 2016 Exhibition: “You Don’t Know DJAC”

The 2016 spring exhibition for the Daejeon Arts Collective was celebrated last week on Saturday, May 7th with a fantastic three hours of meeting and greeting between the artists, their family and friends, and the public. The event was held at the Chungcheongnam-do Provincial Office, where two adjacent galleries were made available to the DJAC for a fourteen-day exhibition. A considerable and attentive audience gathered at the galleries to engage with the artists over refreshments.

The two galleries allowed both established and fresh members to share an eclectic combination of 2D and 3D artwork, including familiar mediums as well as some new and unexpected creative endeavors. The show’s title, “You Don’t Know DJAC,” may be a lighthearted play on words but it is also in fact a testament to the broadening of creative boundaries and development of each artist and the group as a whole while we challenge and learn from each other. The Collective sends gratitude to those who joined and supported them through this year’s spring exhibition.

Photos by Yohan Ban.