Kevin Nickolai


Nickolai is the illustrator for Ralph Wright’s WILD book series. He directed  John A. Riley’s “End of the Pier Show”. He is the creative director behind Wil Pertz’s puzzle app “Kevin’s Proverbs”.   He is the voice actor for Monica Nickolai’s films “Mapping Motion ” and “Evolution of Eve: A Play in Three Acts”.  He is the inspiration for Beatrice Nickolai’s comic “The Annoying Dad”. He is the author of the graphic novella, “Loser Back Home”.

He creates art through the sabotage of the establishment and vows to break all laws – be they archaic or just – laid by man or the framework of the universe.  He works across a variety of mediums to unlock the horrors that forbid restful sleep.  He knows what you did.  Absurd.  It is self-love.  A sticky quill.   A stained parchment.  You can’t remember your bicycle’s name. It was in your hat all along.

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